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“They say what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, but what they didn’t know is that I would take that strength and build a throne fit for a Queen”.

-Shatroyia Phillips


When they called me “Plus-Sized”, I declared it “Queen-Sized instead. I’ve always done things my way, with a Queen-sized attitude and a Queen-sized boldness.

When life positions you as the first of everything, you are forced to take the lead ready or not. Life doesn’t give instructions or mercy. It gives hard solid blows that knock you down to your knees; trials and tribulations that are unbearable to some and only survived by the chosen. If you rise, it hits you again until you learn how to stand. And once you learn how to stand, then life hands you your crown.

There is always an order to things and in all things there is a hierarchy.

All Hail The Queen.





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